Stay a Stay-at-Home Mom


We all know the joy and happiness that having children brings to our lives. We are fortunate to live in Canada where our government recognizes and appreciates that babies need their mothers or fathers to be home with them during the milestone-ridden first year. But for so many parents the financial burden of being reduced to a one-income family makes it almost impossible to maintain an active and involved role in our children’s lives past one year.

I believe that spending QUALITY time with our families is much easier when we aren’t guessing, calculating, and planning how we’ll be able to pay the next utility bill, or whether or not we can bring our families to a special outing or on a holiday.

The cost of everything is rising at a ridiculous pace and yet average families are not seeing their incomes keep up with the rate of inflation.

Budget shortfalls, cost restraints, layoffs and unemployment are difficult for anyone but can be especially devastating for families.

There has to be a better, smarter way to make a living while living life to its fullest!

I can’t accept that life is just a daily struggle to get by, week after week, month after month, year after year until we die. There is no way that is all there is to life!!

Guess what?!?!? There IS a way to build and grow your own business, become your own boss and earn vast sums of money.

Technology along with the Internet makes it possible to network and connect with like-minded, family-driven entrepreneurs to build a life of financial security, time freedom and valuable experiences for yourself and your babies…all from the comfort of your home, or cottage, hotel room or beach!!

A dream lifestyle building fantastic memories with your spouse and children.

No rush-hour traffic jams, no late meetings, no boss barking orders at you…just a few hours connecting with your team, cultivating relationships with quality people and helping others find their way out of the rat race!!

If you’d like to make that your reality, let’s chat!!

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