Think about this for a moment…

When you look around and see other people reaching their goals and enjoying a freedom lifestyle, how does that make you feel??

I used to feel pretty impressed and I used to think “well, these people obviously made VERY different life choices than I did – that’s why they have the life they do”

Reality is that yes, they may have had different experiences and come from different backgrounds and lifestyles but they all had one VERY IMPORTANT thing in common. The people (in whatever industry) who were truly successful were FOCUSED on what they wanted and where they wanted to be and they committed themselves DAILY to the pursuit of their path.

When you think of your favourite sports stars…they spend hours and hours DAILY practising and refining their skill set to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Successful musicians also spend hours and hours every day, practising their craft, honing their skills at playing various instruments or collaborating with other musicians as they strive to attain that perfect sound.

So instead of asking why they had the success that they did, I began thinking about what I had to offer, how I could make the difference that I wanted to make. My dream is to build a business that helps others realise their value and true potential and change their mindset to one of abundance, kindness and love. It is the path to true fulfilment for me to be of service to others.

I am aiming to be the example of the kind of success that anyone can command when they’re ready to learn and share their knowledge and experience with those who come after us.

The way to get there is to DECIDE that you can meet ANY challenge, overcome ANY obstacle and reach ANY goal you set.

What is YOUR goal? Comment below, I’d like to know what you’re working towards!!

Enjoy your day and don’t forget – YOU matter to ME!!


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