Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better

Jim Rohn is my hero. He speaks truth. Common sense truth. 

“If you talk to 10 people, you get one. If you talk to another 10, you get one more” You’re setting a ratio, an average…The Law of Averages can be increased.

You don’t have to bat 1000 to make you rich. Baseball players bat 300 and make $4 million/yr.

The story of the sower from the bible explains it so well.

The sower was ambitious, with excellent seed, the first bit of the seed falls by the wayside…the birds eat it. Isn’t that interesting?

If you go chasing the birds, you leave the field. Not productive.

The sower kept on sowing…now the seed falls on rocky ground where the soil is sparse. The seed takes root but the first hot day, it withers and dies. Isn’t that interesting?

Some don’t stay.

The sower kept on sowing…now the seed falls on thorny ground…the seed starts growing and the thorns get hold of it and choke it to death. Those thorns are little things that distract you from your purpose.

The sower keeps on sowing the seed…finally the seed falls in good ground. Some of the good ground did 30%, some 60% and some 100%.

Don’t try to figure out why…just let it ride.

Skills necessary to succeed in business:

Develop a new philosophy

Getting a customer, making a sale

Laying the foundation 

Recruiting-presenting your opportunity

Nourishing the newcomer

Be the bridge to help people cross from not knowing to knowing.

Finding a way to serve the many, leads to Greatness!!


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