Remove negativity and dreamcrushers from your circle 

When I launched my pursuit of sustainable online income I was surrounded by people who shook their heads, who told me I was being naive and I would be scammed and taken advantage of.

I’ve never given up, I’ve had to reorganize and modify my plan as I’ve gone but never once did I think I couldn’t make this happen.

I’ve refined the circle of influence that I allow in my life. I invite the Superstars in the industry into my life constantly. I read their words, I listen to their discourses, I watch their videos and I try to absorb as much as I can every chance I get. I just can’t get enough! 

It’s a happier place to be. The positivity and encouragement and support that exists in this industry is addictive and I’m hooked.

I’m learning to be my best self. I’m constantly on the lookout for helpful tips to help those who are searching to make a profound difference in their lives.

My focus is on being a beacon for others and living a life of service to my friends and family. THAT’S where my true satisfaction comes from!!

Digital Altitude


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