VISUALIZE the very BEST in yourself and EXPECT NOTHING LESS!

Reblogging an older post as it feels very pertinent today!!

Mimi's Dreams Do Come True


Here we are… after many long days and nights learning all I can about this business I’ve launched, I am finally beginning to see the fruits of my labour! How fitting to be reflecting on this today, being Labour Day!!

It’s very nerve-wracking because it is so different from any other type of work I’ve done. So used to working for others, this business is different because it’s all about ME building a business for myself and being accountable to myself and loving it!!

Why am I involved with these “Digital Nomads”???

  • I love their energetic, enthusiastic joie-de-vivre attitudes
  •  They are positive and see the wonderful  gifts that TRULY living can give
  • They are knowledgeable and successful and generous with their experience and have designed formulae that anyone can use to be profitable in their business
  • I want to learn all that I can from them so that I too, can become…

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