Getting ready for Back to School

It’s that time of the year again! A celebratory time for seasoned parents and a reluctant time for parents with little ones going for the first time.

I’ve done this dance many times but this year it’s especially bittersweet because it’s my last child’s very first day of school.

I’ve been home with she and her brother for the last 6 years and come September I will have my days free once again!!

I’m excited for that but still a little weepy because it is after-all the end of an era. I will now have to partner with my children’s teachers and share my children with them for the next 14 years! 

I know she’s ready, I know she will love it, I know she will make friends easily (she’s that kind of kid) but I will miss her and her brother like crazy!

Being a mom is a tricky balancing act at the best of times but the joys and rewards are innumerable! I’ll miss the daily activities that we shared and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the peaceful tranquility of my empty house for 7 hours each day.

But it also means that I will be able to rediscover myself again! And that thrills me to no end!

I’m gearing up to go full-throttle building my EMPIRE, and will be initiating an intense 90-day blitz to build superb momentum in my online career! 

Exciting times to be sure, but today, a few moments of melancholy as I watch my babies playing in the park/pool!


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