Enjoying the journey

Life is not supposed to be HARD.

Yep – I said it!!

It really isn’t.

When I think of my life and the many things I’ve experienced along the way – I realize that I made things a lot harder than they needed to be and it was all due to the way MY BRAIN was wired from the beginning.

Important life lessons that some people were taught and learned naturally were not to be for me! I didn’t learn from other’s mistakes and I certainly did not heed warnings meant to protect or save me from myself. Oh no, not me…I needed to make sure they were right about everything before I could accept it as truth.

Sad to say, that Yes, they were right and I suffered the consequences of trying to do everything myself and MY WAY, before I could accept that MAYBE someone else knew more than I did. And MAYBE I did need help to do certain things – and actually there were a ton of things I needed help with.

Let me go back to my original statement. Life is not supposed to be hard. And for many people it isn’t. But then you have people like me who need to over-complicate everything and thus make life unnecessarily hard.

Do you do that too?

At one point in my life I began to get enough perspective to see that I was wasting a lot of energy worrying about things I had no control over, obsessing about things that I wanted and/or felt I deserved before I learned that I could have, be or do ANYTHING I wanted if I just thought of a solid PLAN to make it happen and began taking the necessary ACTIONS every day to help me get there. The goals I set for myself along the way seemed HUGE to me at the time but after awhile they became a natural working part of my mind and I eventually didn’t have to work so hard at them anymore. Now don’t get me wrong, I still need to do daily things to maintain what I’ve achieved thus far – but it’s not the enormous struggle that it was in the beginning.

And I think much of life is like that. When trying some new way of doing something or trying something for the first time – it’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t “feel” right. But if you look at what your life has been so far and you don’t like what your life has shown you up ’til now – then something’s gotta change. It can be scary to try something different but it’s the ONLY way to change the trajectory of your life. It really does begin with YOU!

When you hear the expression “your happiness in life begins on the inside”, it’s true. Examine your way of thinking and strive to elevate it to a more positive and useful state of mind. Find ways to make yourSELF better and your life and circumstances WILL follow. If you continue to operate your life from a position of lack – you will continue on the path of struggle and scarcity.

By simply changing a few things and making DIFFERENT decisions about how you spend your time, what you feed your mind, who you allow to influence you and how you live your life each DAY – amazing things can happen.

I encourage you to expand your mind, and broaden your outlook. Your life doesn’t have to be the same as it’s always been just because it’s always been that way. You hold the power within you to do something different.

I’d love to be part of that process along with you. I encourage you to subscribe and follow my blog as we take this journey together. I will be posting new things each week, maybe more often if I’m feeling particularly inspired…lol

For now, think about what you’ve read and if it resonates with you and you got value from what I’ve written, please visit my website to see how you too, can make a huge difference in your own life. http://bit.ly/29OSPDA

Also feel free to share this with anyone you think may appreciate it. If you got value – drop a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear/read your thoughts.

You matter to me!

Until next time…






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