5 Tips to start building your professional profile on social media

There’s never been a better time to start an online business!

The advantage of marketing online is that your market is truly limitless, however it is still vital for you to identify WHO your target market is. Do you want to serve the stay-at-home parent market, maybe the recently retired but looking for additional income, or it could be the health and wellness crowd or maybe some other niche entirely.

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to create an income online it’s important to create a professional profile that people can visit and learn more about YOU!

  1. How you present yourself on Social Media is the key to Branding yourself. If you are using social media, you’ll want to use a professional looking profile pic where you are smiling and looking straight into the camera, no glasses especially sunglasses. You want people to see you and feel like they’re getting the real deal. Don’t hide behind pics of your kids or pets, and please don’t use celebrity pics or cartoon/icon/logo pics – let your audience see YOU!!
  2. Keep your posts POSITIVE – no controversial topics (sex/religion and politics have their place but your business page is NOT one of them)
  3. Decide what kind of VALUE you want to offer to prospects who visit your profile and provide value consistently.
  4. Arouse curiosity by NOT talking directly about your current business opportunity, you want people to ASK YOU about what you’re doing.
  5. Share your PERSONAL STORY, perhaps you can create a BLOG post or DOCUMENT or a VIDEO introducing yourself to your market.

These are just 5 tips to get you started, there will be more in the coming weeks. If you want to make sure you don’t miss future nuggets, please subscribe to my blog!!

Here’s to your success!! Remember you are important and YOU MATTER TO ME!!


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