Doubters, H8rs and Distractions

Are any of you plagued with any of the above?

Let’s take a look at each of these blocks and find ways to deal with each of them in turn. 

First, let’s examine the doubters. More than likely those who doubt your ability to build a business online are well-meaning but uninformed. 

The reality today is that businesses are started online every single day…technology has made it possible for even a total newbie to get started easier and faster than ever.

If you already own a computer or a smartphone, you are well on your way. An online business requires little to no overhead as most offline, franchises or other brick&mortar businesses require an enormous amount. But I digress…

Those who doubt your ability have probably not yet known anyone who has made it online. Their reasons might be generational or environmental or it may be that they abandoned their own dreams long ago and they try to discourage you because it makes them feel somehow better. It’s a sad fact of human nature.

The other reason may be, and this is especially true of spouses, and family in general: they don’t believe it’s real and don’t want to see you hurt, disappointed or fail. While their motives may be pure, if you allow their doubts to stop you, its true that you’ll fail. 

If you quit before you even get going, you’ll not only be disappointed but you’ll carry the regret and “what if?” with YOU forever. 

Then there are the h8rs…the ones who are jealous and resentful of your abilities. These people are poison and should be eradicated from your life. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from them. You are on a new and wonderful journey and should be very cautious with what fills your mind and heart. Your circle should be positive, kind and push you to be the best and help however they can. 

And lastly, there are the DISTRACTIONS. Life is like full of them!!

There is always something to take you from doing things that will help you get better at your craft but if you set an intention to get something done, focus on it until you’ve accomplished it. If it’s important to you, you will find a way!

I hope you’ve gained a little insight from this post and I truly encourage you to follow your own path to your dreams. Be open-minded and allow your mind to conceive the life of your dreams!!

Leave a comment below if you’ve found value in this or any of my other blog posts. And please remember, I’m grateful for you and you matter to me! 

Make today the BEST DAY EVER!!


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