Optimizing Your FB Profile

So, you want to BE YOUR OWN BOSS

Great decision, you’ll need to learn how to think like a business-owner. That will undoubtedly require an extensive shift in your mindset which involves retraining your brain to think like an entrepreneur.

When you begin to build a business online, it’s important to be as transparent as possible. How can you do that?

If you choose to use Face Book, the first thing you want to ensure is that your profile picture is an authentic, recent picture of YOU.

You’ll be connecting to people you’ve never met and they most likely won’t want to connect to your dog/cat/car/cartoon/baby/children or any other pic you think might be cute or cool. Another important thing to keep in mind is to use a picture of yourself SMILING. A smile translates into ANY language that you are a positive, excited person who is willing to be of service to your market. Don’t hide your eyes behind glasses/sun or otherwise or hats, books, or anything. Let your connections see your EYES

Remember that you are building a BUSINESS, treat it as such and think before you post “will this advance or boost my business?” You’ll want to convey a professional, respectful attitude with your words and pictures! Stay neutral when it comes to political hot topics, you want to be source o help and encouragement to your porential market, and making them angry is NOT the way to do that.

Best advice I ever got and I still sometimes struggle with is not to clutter up your profile page with your business opportunity.  There are thousands if not millions of online businesses out there and you want to bring people into YOUR business, not just throw up all over the internet the name of the business/es you are promoting so that they can google it and go join through someone else…

Share positive, motivational, inspirational content. People will be looking not only at your profile pic, but also the photos that you post, as well as the status messages that you are sharing.

Let the curiosity build…let people ask YOU what you’re doing.

Share personal moments of yourself enjoying your life!! Let your connections see that you are a real person, it leads to making yourself more relatable. When people see you doing things that they also do it makes you more approachable and more people will reach out to you. If you dine out in a nice restaurant, visit a fun amusement park with your children if you have any, or attend a community event where you live. Share those moments with your followers. Let them see the REAL YOU!!

In my next post, I’ll share more information about building relationships with people on social media (specifically Face Book and Twitter) as it is a PIVOTAL part of your business foundation.

If you received value from this blog post, please feel free to subscribe to my blog. I will be adding more value with each post and my goal is to help you build a strong, sustainable, business that you can depend on.

In the meantime, lift up your eyes, imagine where you can take your life, think BIG and remember you matter to me!!!




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