Comparing yourself to others

I’m sure many of you have been admonished at one time or another to be yourself. To stand on your own and be who you are…if you’re like me, I was always a little perplexed by this. You see, my dysfunctional upbringing influenced my ability to be more of a Chameleon. I could be, say or do ANYTHING you wanted me to if you would only LIKE me.

Can’t begin to tell you how many times and in how many ways that backfired on me!!

Took a long time for me to get to know myself, become comfortable with who I saw when I looked into the mirror and to allow myself to fall in love with me!!

I fell in and out of love with me many times in my lifetime.

At this stage of the game, I realize that everyone I thought had lived ideal, picture-perfect lives, had in fact lived ordinary, regular lives. 

Nobody lived the fantasy tv lives that I thought were so idyllic! Shock to my system! Yes! 

Helped me put both feet on the ground and see things a thousand times more clearly. Undoubtedly.

I’m good with who I am today. I’m growing and learning and trying to help as many as I can to do likewise. It’s an adventure that I hope will continue until I breathe my last breath!!

I don’t compare myself to others anymore…but I do try to keep my frame of reference on myself and strive daily to be better today than I was yesterday!

I love living this incredible gift called LIFE!!

Let me know what you think. Have you learned a life-changing lesson that you value highly?? I told you mine…what’s yours??


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