When you really want it – you find a way!!

Ever run into challenges when you try something new? Silly question, right?? We all do!!

But, so then what?

The first time you tried to walk, did you just get up and do it? I highly doubt it. Babies struggle with this for months before they are able to make it across the room without falling. But they don’t stop trying.

What about riding a bike?? Did you just get on and start pedaling? I’m guessing probably not. You most likely needed your mom or dad’s help learning how to balance, maybe you even needed some training wheels while your confidence developed enough to ride all by yourself. But you don’t stop trying.

Do you remember the day you were finally able to do it??

The freedom and exhilaration of finally being able to master the bike and pedal wherever you chose!! What a feeling!!

Remember these two particular examples as you journey through life.

My motto has been and continues to be Persistence beats Resistance.
When you decide to pursue something new or different, you have to expect hurdles, but when they appear – what do you do? Just decide to pack it in? Choose to let it defeat you and prevent you from doing whatever thing you were trying to do?

Maybe you need to learn more, maybe you need to ask for help? Are you really going to let those things prevent you from succeeding?

We all know that if you’re unhappy with your life and you want something different, something needs to change, you need to do something different.

Will it be easy? Probably not!

Will you need help, or tools, or even moral support??

Of course, you will.

So take a deep breath, gather what you need, learn what you need to do, connect with others who can help, believe in yourself and bit by bit, your life WILL begin to change.

But only if you make up your mind to FIND A WAY and DO IT!!


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