Is there such a thing as truth in Advertising or Honesty in Business??

Have you ever gone to a store, or car dealership, travel agent or watched a commercial on tv and hesitated because the salesperson is overbearing, or pushy and it changed your whole idea about your purchase?? Of course, you have. There really is nothing worse than a desperate seller.

Which is exactly why I love the work that I do. My business is detached from the results in that my goal is to help other people learn and grow both as a person and as a marketer.

The people that I am learning from and striving to emulate are people that I respect, admire and trust. I trust them because they are HONEST, straight-forward and allow me to make my own personal purchase decisions. I only spend when I see the value I’ll be getting from any particular product or service.

That, to me, is the sweet spot for building my brand and presence online!

I’d love to hear what you think, if you found value in what I’ve written, please feel free to share.

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