Appreciate the Lessons along the Way

I’ve had many circles of close friends in my life. When I was a child I had a huge circle of kids I went to grade school with. I have fond memories of most of them (😜)lol

Then there were my high school friends who again were a great bunch of people, many of whom I am still in contact with today

Went through some pretty tough life lessons, I have a hard head so it takes me some time to make the same mistakes over and over before fully realizing they just aren’t working…but eventually I get it!! 😒😉

I isolated myself by nurturing thoughts of depression and a feeling of not fitting in and utter uselessness. It was a very dark time in my life

There was an entire community of people who showed me kindness, compassion, and love and helped to put me back together!! A huge task to be sure.

And now this community of people I’ve been blessed to meet online. Highly successful people that I’d never dreamed I would become so close to and actually come to call these ones true friends! They’ve challenged my ideas about myself and my life! They’ve opened my eyes to philosophies and ways of thinking that as a child I’d never been allowed to even entertain those thoughts! I’ve come around to a new freedom in my mind, heart, and soul!!

All along the way, I’ve known so many incredible people and one of the greatest gifts I’ve come to learn is that as twisted and bumpy life can be…I’m pretty incredible too!!

That’s a gift!! To be able to see how my many life experiences I once thought were a colossal waste of time, can actually be useful tools in my arsenal to help others survive and thrive through their own life paths!

I’m humbled and oh so grateful.

Are there areas of your life that you were once ashamed or embarrassed about that you now feel were important catalysts in growing into the person you are today?

Would you like to comment and share about them here, or perhaps in a private message for my eyes only?

It helps me tremendously to share my journey, and perhaps my words may touch you or stir you in some positive way and I truly hope it does.

I value my life today more than I can put into words sometimes. It’s that feeling of gratitude that is changing my life and my whole outlook on life and my future. I sure am glad you are traveling along with me on this journey!

Please remember I care about you – you matter to me!!

Mimi Lacroix

Boss Lady Extraordinaire



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