Patience & Respect for how fast time goes by when we’re not paying attention.

What an awkward thing to learn. As I watch my children growing up, I’m constantly reminded of just what a challenge it is to delay gratification. 

I myself had a tremendously hard time waiting for anything. I wanted whatever I wanted YESTERDAY, and no amount of consoling would satisfy that want until I got whatever it was.

Much like my 6&4 year old act now…(smh)

When I think about what things were like when I was a child, lo so many years ago, I reflect on the advances in technology that have impacted the ability to practice patience in us as well as the next generations. Microwaves cook our food faster, remote controls remove the need to even get up to change the channel like you had to “in the old days”. 

Then came computers, and those of us who remember what life was like BEFORE then, were amazed that this machine could be programmed and would type, auto-correct with such things as spell-check, relieving us of the burden of learning proper spelling and grammar.  Lazy learners rejoiced!!

Then came car phones followed by mobile phones…now we wouldn’t even need to remember phone numbers anymore!  Fortunately for me, my brain remembers numbers very well. I still remember my first ever phone number 822-6991. Its in my head along with many others I’ve had thru the years. But so what? You might be saying all of these advances have made life better for us all, but have they? Really?

I don’t know about you, but periodically I like to pause and think about how SIMPLE life was before all this advancement. A time when you just sat through commercials or used that time to accomplish quick tasks, like going to the bathroom or putting dishes in the sink to soak. Life moved more slowly but we managed just fine without DVR-ing everything. If we weren’t home to watch something, we missed it because we were out DOING SOMETHING!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my mobile phone, computer, dishwasher and microwave as much as the next person. But are we losing our ability to actually BE with another person?? Believe me, the irony of me writing about all of this isn’t lost on me…haha…I’m just sharing my thoughts with you before I go outside for a walk with my 6-year-old WITHOUT my phone.

I need to remember how precious these moments are with my little ones because as long as the days may seem sometimes…having raised 3 kids to adulthood already, I know how fast the time goes by and I truly don’t want to miss a thing!!

Some things to think about on this sunny Saturday afternoon!! If you really believe YOLO, pay attention, you don’t want to miss the good stuff rushing around constantly! Pause, take a deep breath and spend time with the ones you love.

Maybe have a listen to Cat Stevens’ song “Cat’s in the Cradle” and savoir each & every moment you get with your children, your spouse, your friends…the PEOPLE who make our lives worth living!!

Smile! I’m grateful you read this and welcome any feedback/comments you may have and as I head out with my boy, remember YOU matter to ME!

Mimi Lacroix

Boss Lady Extra-ordinaire


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