Mimi – The view from here

Have you ever noticed that when you really want something, I mean REALLY WANT SOMETHING and you have to wait for it for a long time, the anticipation of having it becomes greater than the actual having it in the end. 
What I find helpful in the meantime is to create smaller steps toward the thing that I’m anxiously waiting for, so that I can celebrate the journey to the having of what I really want.

Does that make sense??

Like I want to create my business in such a way that it inspires others to believe in themselves and their abilities to invent themselves and become exactly who and what they want to be.

I always hated that question about who or what I wanted to be when I grew up.

My upbringing prevented me from having any secular dreams, it actually discouraged me from excelling too much in anything I truly enjoyed doing. 

It took many years and a lot of maturing for me to realize and fully grasp the fact that only I can decide who I want to become. That only I have the ability to become amazing at what I truly love, and that, for me is the most rewarding and freeing realization I’ve ever known.

Connecting with entrepreneurs the world over has expanded my vision. It has broadened my expectations for myself and I am in awe of all the amazing lessons I’m learning from books and lectors that have been available for hundreds of years that I never knew. Either because I wasn’t looking or wasn’t ready to receive the message. 

There’s a saying that when a student is ready the teacher appears. Well I believe that today more than I ever have.

A close friend of mine told me years ago that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again until we finally learn the lesson. That was one I took a long time to learn following MANY, MANY broken hearts and dreams. 

I’m ready to reclaim my dreams.

I’m ready to stand in the light and allow myself to build and grow a business that personifies all the good and valuable lessons I’ve learned, and empower others to do the same.

If we only go around once in this world, I want My adventure on this big blue ball to be filled with so much love, laughter and learning. I want to experience the joys of triumph and learn from the disappointment and failures that happen along the journey!

I’ve experienced so much during my first 45 years, now that my mindset is changing and my focus is moving outward from my new core beliefs, I’m excited for the next 45 or more, (God-willing). I want to share my enthusiasm and encourage people around me to smile more and argue less. To laugh more and cry less. To forgive fast and forget even faster.

It sounds very Pollyanna-ish but I think the world needs a LOT MORE of that!

Do you agree? Disagree?

What’s your thinking on this topic??

Please comment, or share if you found any value in this or any of my blog posts. Or if you disagree, you can comment about that too.

As a reader you’re  important to me and what you think is valuable to my growth as a person and as an entrepreneur!!


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