Trial and Error

Have you ever tried to teach yourself something? I remember when I was  kid, we couldn’t afford a piano but we’d often visit people who DID and I would always ask if I could play. They’d let me tap out little songs that I loved and I would have to sound out the right notes until I found the right one. I sort of knew how to read music by sight as I’d been in a choir at school, so if given sheet music to play a song, I could usually get it after many, many tries.

You see I’m a headstrong person, always have been. I often faced obstacles in doing things that I wanted done and at no time was I more tested in those regards than during the years I spent as a single mom of three beautiful children. Handy, do-it-yourself kind of chores around the house that traditionally would be done by “the man of the house” needed to be done by ME.

I was up for any challenge, installing a ceiling fan?? No problem. Except I’d start and then run into some snafu moment and reach out for help from a friend or neighbour.

When I wanted a “Princess Bed” which was actually a 4-poster bed, I went to the store and picked out the bed I wanted. Delivery could be 3-5 days later but I wanted my “Princess Bed”, THAT NIGHT!! The salesman looked at my little Pontiac Sunfire and said I’d be crazy to tie the box to my roof as it wouldn’t fit inside and still leave room for the kids. But we did it, we made it happen!! I slept in my bed that night!!

Next came the day that I bought a home.  The 4 standard appliances were included in the house purchase, but it didn’t come with a dishwasher. As a single mom of 3 very busy and active pre-teens, I didn’t have time to wash dishes.

I suppose I could have had it installed with delivery but that would have added to the cost of the appliance.  So I began the process of installing it myself. I stumbled around, tried it one way (didn’t work), I tried it another way, (still didn’t work) I eventually convinced a neighbour to come and help me with it and after a day and a half, we finally had a dishwasher!!


Now, I’m not the most patient person in the world…could you tell?? lol

BUT my motto has always been, “Persistence beats Resistance”

And it’s true.

Today was a prime example.

I tried to record a Zoom call for my business and because of unfamiliarity with how Zoom works, we did the call and it was AWESOME however the RECORD button was not pushed and there is ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDING TO SHOW ANYONE!!

I didn’t get angry…ok for a minute I did, but then I thought, well we’ll just have to do it again. We rescheduled for Wednesday.

It’s going to get done. Because I DON’T QUIT!!

That’s just how I roll!!


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