The status quo – elevate your status by stretching farther than you think you can!

Dare to think BIGGER! 

Use your imagination to visualize what you truly want in your life! You’ve probably refined your expectations to something Your circle of friends find reasonable, or safe! 

 I’m saying, DARE TO STAND OUT!! Reach out to people who have more, who do more and who actually live their talk!!
You have ideas, thoughts, talent and skills like no other, you ARE powerful and your attitude and determination can change your life!!
If you’re comfortable with who and what you are today…that’s great!! 
BUT, if something is nagging at you, if you find your mind drifting off to another place, another “calling”, another reality…you CAN make different choices, you can explore options, but to really make them happen will take an awful lot of BELIEF. 
It will require a “tunnel-vision” FOCUS. 
You will need to INVEST emotionally, physically, mentally and FINANCIALLY!
You only live once, so make sure you’re really living, not just existing!!
There’s just so much to learn, experience, touch, smell and see and hear!!
Carpé Diem my friends!!


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