When starting out in business online or offline – the surest way to assure success is to develop your skills, develop your mind and focus on serving OTHERS!

You need to provide value, provide education, and provide solutions to OTHER PEOPLE’S problems.

By showing others how we have resolved issues in our lives and by actually doing the things that we suggest for them, we, and they will see results.

ACTIONS provide results. Learning what to do, how to do it and where and when to do it doesn’t get results. The results come from taking action.

Sometimes taking action does not feel comfortable, we’re not used to feeling uncomfortable but real growth comes from facing the discomfort – confronting it, taking risks and overcoming them. What a feeling!!

Spend some time everyday, reading books about personal growth/entrepreneurship. Dedicate one hour EVERY DAY, reading from the greats  in our industry. The Eric Worre’s, the Anthony Robbins’, the Napoleon Hill’s, The Zig Zigler’s, The Jim Rohn’s, The Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world. They share INCREDIBLE value in their writing and you can transform your life by applying what they teach.

You don’t need to do it all in one day but you do need to do it! Break it down into manageable pieces and as you accomplish each small piece – celebrate the victories. They’ll build your confidence and create momentum for you to continue building and expanding.

I sincerely hope you read this and take action – it’s easy to do – but you need to DO IT!!

For you, your family, your friends –  be the example and like cream, rise to the TOP

There’s plenty of room – see you there!!