My favourite parts of learning to be an entrepreneur are the lessons I am learning about LIFE and business. Prior to becoming involved in this industry, it would never have occurred to me that my philosophies in life would so drastically influence the decisions and choices I made every that day. I believed that if I worked hard and acquired enough skills, I could live comfortably while raising my family. I really only ever thought about my monthly obligations and had no plan or vision or dream of anything beyond

I’ve become aware of a world that I always envisioned as unattainable. I’m now coming to realize that the reality is there is nothing I can’t accomplish when I decide it’s what I want or need to do. I’m facing fears that have held me back for so many years. I’ve changed the way I talk to myself and the thoughts that I allow in my mind.

I take care to nourish my mind on a daily basis and make daily contact with successful entrepreneurs to continue to learn what is working for them and implementing what I learn as I build my digital business. It’s an adventure to be sure but so rewarding!

Perpetual learning is fundamental to enriching my life and relationships. I just can’t get enough.

I’m taking daily action to connect with folks everyday who are ready, willing and able to be coached to similar successes. Nothing brings greater joy than to help others along their journey.

My life is looking so much brighter and so much more exciting as each day goes by. I’m thrilled to have purpose and direction like I’ve never had before! Hope you follow along!!

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Have a wonderful Sunday and remember you matter to me!!