inspirationalquote (89)So you’ve decided to pursue an additional income online. That’s fantastic!!

And there is definitely no shortage of ways to do that. The thing is, if you’ve always worked for others – you’re probably going to experience a degree of “culture shock”.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur requires a BIG shift in the way you work, think and act. There are various categories of workers in our world and no one captures these differences better than Robert Kiyosaki in his book, the “Cashflow Quadrant”.

Mindset is radically different between those who “punch a clock”(Employees)and those who are looking to work for themselves (Self-Employed) and those who are building a business (Business Owners, i.e. Franchisers) and those who Invest in others’ Businesses. (Investors). Their fears are different, their goals are different, their philosophies are different and for each difference there is its own unique income level.

Where you are in this Quadrant (E, S on the left and B,I on the right) will impact the heights of wealth and position you attain over the course of your life.

Myself?!?!? I was raised by employees, I was taught to become an employee and always felt that self-employment, owning a business and investing were things of the “rich and famous”. It never occurred to me that I COULD CREATE a business that would serve myself and others and provide a comfortable living for my children and grandchildren.

I was surrounded by people who struggled daily to keep up with expenses and food on the table, and as a single mom for many years, struggle was all I knew and the only way I knew to make money was to exchange my time for money with a J.O.B.(just over broke).

Like many, I started exploring ways to earn an income online and came into contact with many entrepreneurs at various levels of success, and I started watching what they were doing and I began learning that it COULD be DIFFERENT.

But I needed new SKILLS, I needed a new way of thinking about MANY things, I needed to separate myself from those who were struggling and figure out what the WINNERS were doing that I hadn’t been doing. Purging myself and my life of negativity and the “oh it’s hard, I’m not doing that” mentality were necessary if not vital to me turning things around in my life.

I realized that it wasn’t my upbringing or family or friends that were holding me back – it was ME and the way I saw the world.

An adjustment was required and I was the only one who could make the change, and the only way I could do that was by reading and listening to how others had taken control of their lives. What were they doing? What were they reading, listening to and DOING EVERY SINGLE DAY to get where they wanted to be??

Very similar to another radical change in my thinking that had to be done to be rid of addictions that very nearly killed me more than once.

I was taught to stick with the winners, find like-minded people that I could talk to and ask questions of  as I began to change my life One Day At A Time. I was encouraged to examine myself, my motives and my relationships to see where I COULD HAVE DONE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.  It was ingrained me that 90% of the Problems I was experiencing, were of my own imagination, or creation and the other 10% were just simply my fault. Dwelling on those things wasn’t serving me well, dusting myself off, changing MY thought process and MY behaviour was the answer just as it is now with my current station in life, financially and professionally.

I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – the answers were there all the time I just wasn’t READY to see them.

It’s true, when the student is ready the Teacher arrives, and we keep making the SAME mistakes over and over until we learn the lesson. (Mic drop)

Stepping down from my soapbox now.

Enjoy each moment of EVERY DAY and make each NEW day BETTER than yesterday!! You matter to me and I thank you for reading my thoughts and if you found value here – please re-post or share or drop me note – I’d love to hear from you!!



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